Sometimes we come across things, incidents that leave our imaginations flabbergasted. Things which are beyond any human mind. An incident which opens all the floodgates of human mind and makes him think how is this possible.

Don’t believe me??? Read this blog and you will understand what I am saying.

One day I was flicking channels to see whats there on TV, when I came across this serial titled Mano Ya Na Mano, hosted by the unconventionally good looking Irrfan Khan. What I saw in that episode of Mano Ya…left me really wondering what is that makes these people do things out of imagination.

It showed a man from a small village in Gujarat, I don’t remember the name of the village, but what I saw left me completly baffled and awestruck at the same time. The guy lived on live scorpions, lizards yes lizards and snakes. He was shown wandering from village to village, abandoned buildings in searchof these reptiles.

The most amazing thing shown was the medical reports that said that there is nothing wrong with the man and he is quite normal. However, if he touch a live lizard with his tongue the lizard dies there and then.

Apparently the story of eating a live lizard started when Mukesh( Sorry, but I dont remember his real name, so I will call him Mukesh) was a child and playing with his friends in an old abandoned palace, where he found something and put that in his mouth. His friends, till date are clueless about the object ????? It is believed that there are very fwew living beings that can digest a lizard and for Mukesh to be able to do so and still be normal nedically is nothing but a miracle.

Who knows??? What is it??? A miracle or a deadly addiction??? His friends say that he has lot of poison in him thats why if he touch any lizard, scorpion with his tongue they dont survive. Amazing but true!!!

I was left speechless and thinking….I was so much touched by the seriall and the man that I had to write this blog.

If anyone of you have come across any such incident please write back.

In another incident a species of bear loves to steal England flags and hide them in thier caves. It is believed that they have almost 80 thousand flags stolen so far. These bears go for the flags on the cars of the visitors.

Amazing but true!!!!