When I was young I used to think that when I will grow up I will definitely make my own rules and live my life on my own terms. When I grew up a little that it was easier said than done, because I never really ever had the guts to defy my parents and go against their wishes. Even if our choices, opinions clashed.

Anyways, when I reached adulthood and started earning, I thought to myself, “Now no one can stop me from LIVING LIFE ON MY TERMS,” however, it seemed that the dearest Almighty himself didn’t want me to live life on my terms.

Today I am married (whether happily or not is not a point here) and still I have not been able to live life on my terms. One day an acquaintance just asked me that what exactly do you mean by Living Life on My Terms, incidentally that acquaintance was a guy, so I just told him that he will not understand what Living Life on your terms mean. Its definitely more fun when there is no one tell you that you have no right to enjoy any particular thing because this does not happen in our society.

Here, it comes again the VICIOUS OCTOPUS CALLED SOCIETY. When will be all free to live our lives on our own terms rather than depending on someone or something to start living da loca.