Sixty years of Independence!!! But are we really free? Have we achieved anything in these sixty years or not? Oh Yes we rule in POPULATION and CORRUPTION. The rest, the rest I guess can go to hell.

Where the hell are we heading? Nobody knows!!! Life has become so materialistic that there is actually no time to think and indulge in the freedom. The fear of suicide bombers in the crowded places especially on the days and dates like Independence kills all the happiness of Independence Day.

This year saw various disasters like floods in western India, fires in UP among other things. The other day I was listening to a news piece wherein a doctor sold out the answer sheets to the four boys who didn’t have any knowledge of the subject being checked by them. Sometimes I just wonder whats happening to the world leave aside India.

Are we not suffering enough because of the nature’s fury? Is there any end to this deadly corruption and the leaders who are visible only when elections are near.

Nine years ago, when India was celebrating 51st Independence Day, there was a lot of noise and our leaders felt very proud while detailing the growth of India as a country and an economy. However, now if we look back the only thing that comes to my mind is that

Hum the wahin, hum hain jahan

Wonder what the next year would bring? Suicide bombers, hijackers, floods, famine, disasterous quakes or deadly tsunami. Who Knows???