India with its huge population is one country that can never learn to be courteous to anyone — be it an elderly person, a differently abled person or even a lady.

The worst lot are the Indian men. No courtsey, no chivalry its just me, me, me and ME. Giving one example from my experience I was waiting for a cab in the morning and when it came there was so much pushing that we were left with no other option but not to board that cab.

The worst in this case was also a huge fat middle-aged man who kept on saying that I boarded the cab first why should I get down and let the lady take the cab. I guess life’s like that.

But then its not always the men who are bad in Delhi you would have to be really lucky if you have not been robbed by some sweet and innocent looking female for whom you made the space in the bus.

Maybe thats the reason I don’t like Delhi. Or Maybe its just few of such kind and it has been my misfortune to meet them.

Who Knows???